TBH | The Game of Honest Answers to Outrageous Questions

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Get real. Get weird. Get real weird. A party game that puts you into strange scenarios and asks you to predict the unpredictable. Our Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still order an ADVANCE COPY of TBH on this page! Get your copy direct from the factory! *Advance copies usually take 2–3 weeks to arrive.*

Latest Updates from Our Project:

We did it!!!
about 3 years ago – Sat, May 01, 2021 at 07:24:02 AM

Thank you all so much for your incredible support -- we ended our campaign today having reached 378% of our funding goal!! 

And with all backers receiving the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE CARDS in both the base game AND expansion pack, AND everyone receiving the upgraded 24-card Kickstarter exclusive bonus pack!


As far as production goes, we're taking the weekend to recoup, and then we are swinging IMMEDIATELY into action with our print files at the ready and our marching orders in hand.

We will be in touch when we need more info from you -- until then, have a great weekend, thank you again, and we can't wait to get this game into your hands!!

– Dave, Sara, Nate, and the whole Cut TBH team

Our final few days | TBH WIP #3 | And livestreams TONIGHT !
about 3 years ago – Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 06:22:02 AM

It's the final few days of our campaign! Thank you so much to everyone who's stuck with us so far.

We're currently 87% of the way to our next goal of 1000 backers! The bonus pack of cards will be added to everyone's order if we can get there!

TONIGHT, there are two more TBH livestreams:

– On Twitch, the great gaming/comedy group LoadingReadyRun will be playing TBH starting at 5pm Pacific time! Their channel is:

At the same time, on our own Instagram Live, we'll be playing TBH with Cut regulars Curtis and Ilah! That's at:

Hope to see you there! 

In the meantime, here are the last entries for 


They, uh, went to some weird places.

Thanks to the folks who participated!! A handful of these (a bit more edited) are going into the game, and the rest will comprise the Kickstarter bonus pack – if we get there!

TBH WIP #2 Results! Plus: our new stretch goal is a BONUS CARD PACK!
about 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 08:20:46 PM

As we close in on our final week of this campaign, our new stretch goal is a BACKER COUNT GOAL!

Since the last time I mentioned this, we've moved from 71% of the way to this goal to 77% as I write this. 

If we get 220 more backers in the next 7 days, we'll include a Kickstarter-exclusive bonus pack of 15 more game cards. These specific cards won't be included in the regular retail game!

I think we can totally do it – and you can help by spreading the word!


• We streamed TBH a few times last week! Archived videos are available here!

• TONIGHT, Lisa, one of this game's writers, is streaming on her channel too!

Now, let's check in once again on 


Here are the blank cards we showed you earlier this week... And what we made from your suggestions:


Here are today's new blank prompts:

As before, leave your suggestions in the comments.

Thanks as always for all your support of TBH! One week to go!!

TBH WIP #1 Results! And – new stretch goal hit!!
about 3 years ago – Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 05:49:04 PM

We've unlocked our latest stretch goal! Now that we have raised $50K, we've unlocked 345 cards in the base game and 165 cards in the NSFW Expansion!!

That represents 120 more cards in the base game and 65 more cards in the expansion – which everyone will get in their games at no extra cost!

We want to unlock even MORE bonus cards before this campaign ends on April 30... So tell your friends about the game, because the next bonus kicks in if we get to 1000 BACKERS

We're 71% there already as I write, so this is definitely doable!!


In the last update, we asked for your help writing cards to help fill out all this bonus content! We called it 


We filled in the answers you left to our blank cards... and then pushed the cards through the "Make-Sense-Machine" in order to get all-new game prompts out the other end. 

Here are the results! (And there's more blank cards at the bottom, for us to go another round!)

There we go! ALL OF THEM WINNERS. 

Will all of these make it into the final game? Unclear. Like the cake mix. But some probably will!!


Leave your suggestions below! 

🐟 🍆 💦 👀 👅
about 3 years ago – Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 02:17:41 PM

If you’re here to see the fish video, it's just down below. To see more info about the game and other things available in this Kickstarter campaign, here's our main campaign page.


Although we're making this TBH game, Cut is (of course) a video studio, and recently, we had some of our Keep it 100 participants do a round of TBH while they were in the studio.

We've been posting short clips to social media recently:

Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | Twitter

Since this campaign is going so well, though, we sat down and put together an OBSCENE EXTENDED CUT of folks answering this particular question:

Before we get to the video, let me give you fair warning that it is


We are only posting it here because this card is in the NSFW Expansion, and therefore we are LEGALLY REQUIRED by EU fisheries law to disclose it. 


🐟 🍆 💦