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Get real. Get weird. Get real weird. A party game that puts you into strange scenarios and asks you to predict the unpredictable. Our Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still order an ADVANCE COPY of TBH on this page! Get your copy direct from the factory! *Advance copies usually take 2–3 weeks to arrive.*

Latest Updates from Our Project:

TBH - Revised Tray & Delivery Schedule
almost 3 years ago – Thu, Aug 26, 2021 at 04:06:51 PM

In the last update, I mentioned we were going to remake the tray that holds the components inside the box.

I'm pleased to say we have received (and approved) the revised tray:

The plastic version is much, much stronger -- and looks better too! 

Initially we'd opted for the cardboard tray for budgetary reasons, but in retrospect, that was a mistake. This one adds a ton of cool visual appeal PLUS being much more durable. 

It perfectly holds the expansion pack too, with decent room left over for even more expansions later.

The engineer at the factory even thoughtfully added a little space to hold the player pieces in the center (although in all honesty, you'll probably just put those pieces in the plastic bag, since they'll fall out when you turn the box over).

This tray also adds little "ears" to hold the player boards in place when you pack up the game:

One downside of switching to this tray is that now, the board with the punch-out player pieces has to sit atop the board components -- the split-up wells are now too small for that un-punched board to fit inside anywhere. 

This means that when you first get the game, the lid will be straining a bit to hold everything nice and flush. 

But that'll only be true for the factory-sealed game. The instant you open the game and punch out the pieces, you'll discard that board, and then everything fits nicely.

If we are fortunate enough to need to reprint TBH, we'll change the shape of this board so it can ride inside the card wells. This is the tiniest, most minor problem in history, haha.

Updated Production Timeline

The revised trays are being re-made now. Once the finished games are assembled, they'll transit from the factory in Shanghai via truck to our shipping warehouse in Shenzhen, where we will begin the process of mailing them out to you!

We anticipate being able to send out the address surveys around September 10, with shipping starting to commence hopefully within a week or so of that date.

Each game will ship to its corresponding backer directly from China, so each package may then take a few weeks to actually get to your door.  Of course, you'll get a tracking number once your package is on its way.

Meanwhile, our own inventory of games (the remainder of the print run) will start on a long, crowded boat ride to the US. I gotta be honest, things are not looking great out there in the world of transoceanic freight:

So I'm glad we made the decision that Kickstarter orders will ship in advance! This means you'll all probably have your games in hand long before before we get any of ours, haha. 


More details as we have them! Thanks!!

- Dave & the TBH team

TBH production update for August! Lots of pictures!!
almost 3 years ago – Wed, Aug 18, 2021 at 12:48:46 AM

Hi friends! Here is a status update on TBH. 

I was waiting to post until I had something cool to show you this month. And now I do!

We have received confirmation from the factory that all the components printing is complete -- cards, boxes, manuals, etc. 

How do we know? They sent me one!!

(Pictures first, then a shipping timeline update down at the bottom...)

Earlier, we received a one-off prototype for proofing purposes. 

This one is the actual, mass-produced game.

It's a real chonky boi (to use a technical term):

The box has this really cool texture that's both linen-seeming and glossy at the same time -- you can see it in the reflection here:

The 8 player pieces come as a double-sided punch board. The game also includes a little ziptop bag to keep them in, once they're punched out.

Here are the player interactive components -- answer boards, answer cards, and guess cards:

The scoreboard has the same texture as the box:

The rule book:

Plus, of course, the dilemmas! Here are all the dilemma cards that come in the base game -- thanks to stretch goals, and then rounding up to the convenient printing quantity, the total is 346.

The 24 bonus cards that come exclusive to your Kickstarter copy will come in a little packet of their own -- they will arrive in the same mailing, but you'll have to add them to your factory-sealed game yourself:

NSFW Expansion is looking strong as well:

Here's the 168 cards it contains:

It's all looking super great! When can you get yours, right????

Now, for the one piece of less-than-perfect news. 

Because we left so much room in the box for future expansion packs, the card decks tend to slide around a bit during shipping. 

We've learned that this is proving to be too much kinetic energy for the cardboard tray inside the box to withstand:

So we are going to fix this -- by revising the tray design before the rest of the games are fully assembled. 

(We actually noticed this and revised it once already during the prototyping phase, but this game has proven to be JUST...TOO...POWERFUL. Stronger and more forceful than we had predicted!!!)

But this is what sampling is for! It'll take a little bit longer, and we'll spend a little more money, but we really want to get everything about this game just right.

The factory has given us their assurance that they'll rush this revision as fast as they can. In fact, I expect to see a new version within the week. 

Now that the actual printing is done, the steps remaining in production are:

  • we see and approve the revised tray design
  • the factory re-makes the updated trays
  • the game components are then assembled into the game boxes (with the new trays) and the games are all sealed up so they can head out the door.

We don't know how long this whole process will take until we get past that first step. 

We assume that, the factory having been informed of the issue, their re-engineered revision will solve the problem...But we won't approve the revised version until we are certain that it does.

This changes our estimated delivery timeline by a factor of "whatever that interval is." 

We hope it won't be very long -- and once we learn more, we'll let you know!

It always sucks to have less-than-ideal news but we're real excited to get this fixed, and the games out the door to you as soon as possible.


– Dave & the TBH team

July TBH production update! And charity stream THIS WEEKEND
almost 3 years ago – Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 01:46:43 PM

Hi everyone! Here is the JULY UPDATE on the TBH production process.


We will be playing TBH as part of a charity stream this weekend!

There will folks playing all sorts of games all weekend long at:

The times in the graphic above are US Central time.

Specifically, we'll be playing TBH on Saturday, July 10 starting at 2:30pm Pacific / 4:30 Central, and going as long as we need – possibly up to 3 hours!

Here is the link again to watch at the appointed time!

Sorry for the short notice... I was stalling on this update because I was hoping to get some TBH photos from the factory to show you. But those will have to follow in a later update.

Production update!

Manufacturing is presently underway at our partner factory in Shanghai, China. 

The first games will be coming off the production line in August, and we're still trying to determine how fast we'll be able to get those out to folks. 

Hopefully we'll know more soon! We'll provide more specific info as soon as we have it.

Thanks & we're very excited to get these games made!!

TBH Manufacturing Update for June 2021!
about 3 years ago – Tue, Jun 08, 2021 at 01:57:17 AM

Hi there friends! 

It's been a month and a bit since our campaign has ended, and we have some updates on the process of making TBH.

We just received our first FULLY PRINTED SAMPLE of the game from the printer!

It even smells good.

We have reviewed it carefully, and have a few corrections to make before the full print run commences. But it looks really, really good!

Also being printed at the same time is the Kickstarter Bonus Pack of cards, which will not be packaged inside the game, but will ship ALONGSIDE the game to all you backers!

This pack is a little bit...adventurous in terms of subject matter.

What Happens Next

The printer advises that it will take 8–10 weeks to complete production of the game. 

After that, we will start contacting you for your shipping information, and begin working out the arrangements to get them to you! 

We will be in touch at least once a month from here on out with any updates we have. So you will next hear from us in early July.

If you ordered a sweatshirt:

We want to start getting those to you now (separately), since they are being made independently from the game.

We have already sent messages to everyone who ordered a sweatshirt asking for your sizing and mailing info! 

We have not heard back from everyone, though – so if you are owed a sweatshirt, please check your Kickstarter messages and/or the email account where you were sent this update. 

We will follow up with you until we hear from you! We'll be a pest like that!!

That's it for now! 

This is all good and expected progress!

In fact... while the production team keeps an eye on this game... our development team is hard at work on our next title, which is called Keep it 100 (based on our video series of the same name).

Sample art from Keep it 100

Keep it 100 asks the players to guess the answers to survey questions that have been asked to 100 people. 

So, of course, now we need to ask a bunch of people a bunch of questions!

We've set up some surveys to collect data for the game. 

There are four published so far, and they're all linked here.

We'd love your help answering the survey questions! They are all super simple and none of them require your personal information. 

You can also enter your email at that link if you want to be on a dedicated Keep it 100 update list.

One other thing about surveys...

If we can, in addition to the surveys linked above, we want to try and get survey data from defined and specific groups of people – like 100 veterinarians, or 100 identical twins, or 100 people over 6'6", or 100 race car drivers.

Do you have access to a highly specific group of people? If so, would you be willing to put a simple, anonymous 3-to-5-question survey in front of them?

For example, we might ask the veterinarians if they think animals are psychic. We might ask the tall people to give us their shoe size. We might ask the race car drivers whether or not they've ever had to pee in the race car. 

Things like that. Serious stuff. 

If you know of a group of people whom you think would be interesting to survey, let us know by filling out this form, and we'll be in touch! Thanks so much for your help!! 

What happens next with TBH!
about 3 years ago – Wed, May 05, 2021 at 04:13:21 PM

Hi friends! 

We're back to tell you how the production schedule will run from here until JULY/AUGUST. I know that many of you have never backed a Kickstarter before, so I'm going to go into quite a bit of detail around how it's going to work. 

If you have any specific questions, please send us a direct message on Kickstarter! 


If you're reading this in the week directly after the campaign ended, than please take a moment to check that your payment has gone through. There are always a couple of backers whose credit cards have the wrong expiration date or something.

Kickstarter gives you a few days to rectify the issue. Kickstarter will then attempt to take the payment again towards the end of this first week. 

If your payment is declined the second time, you WON'T HAVE BEEN CHARGED, but that also means you will no longer be a backer and won't get your game.


We'll be receiving the full funds from Kickstarter in the next couple of weeks, at which point we'll send the games to print. 

If you ordered a sweatshirt, we'll be in touch with you directly to get your size and shipping information. Sweatshirts will ship FIRST and BY THEMSELVES, since they are coming from a different manufacturer and don't take as long to make as the games.

Once we get the games from the factory, we'll begin sending out emails to collect your delivery address for the actual games. We don't need your address or any other info from you until then.

IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE MOVING WITHIN 6 WEEKS OF THE DATE YOU RECEIVE YOUR SURVEY, PLEASE DON'T SUBMIT IT YET! Just wait until after your move, and submit your survey then.

At the time you submit your survey, you will also have the opportunity to add additional items to your order if you choose.

Soon after you submit your survey, you will receive a tracking email from our shipping company. Please be patient as the tracking numbers sometimes take some time to resolve. We will be in touch closer to then with updated shipping timelines and expectations.


If you know someone who wants a game but missed the campaign, we have now set up a "late pledge" page on BackerKit.

This page will continue to collect pre-orders until the games ship. These pre-orders will ship LAST, after the Kickstarter orders are out the door.

Any questions, just let us know via a direct message here on Kickstarter -- we'll be watching closely and will reply to any questions as quickly as we can.